Embark on an immersive journey with Madeleine ImKey, where the dimensions of artistic mastery, holistic guidance and healing, community leadership, and inspirational speaking seamlessly intertwine into an extraordinary tapestry of self-discovery and transformation. With a myriad of activities within her grasp, Madeleine extends a heartfelt invitation to explore a realm brimming with potential. As an artist, Madeleine’s creations ignite contemplation, casting light upon the obscured layers of vanity that often overshadow our existence. Through her artistic prowess, she beckons us to reflect upon our place in the world and embrace the beauty of our individual journeys.

Functioning as both a therapist and a healer, Madeleine’s holistic guidance fosters personal growth that reverberates within the larger community. Her unwavering belief in the unique gifts within each individual forms the cornerstone of her philosophy. Empowerment, connection, and inspiration stand as the pillars upon which Madeleine builds pathways of transformation. In her role as a community leader, Madeleine extends her influence beyond the self, championing empowerment and unity. Her leadership style embodies responsibility and honor, inspiring collective progress. She weaves a tapestry that unites the tangible with the spiritual, urging us to reflect our spiritual growth through our material presence.

Madeleine’s voice as a speaker reverberates with authenticity and wisdom. Her messages challenge conventional norms and advocate for a harmonious blend of the spiritual and the tangible. Her philosophy challenges conventional norms, urging us to reflect our spiritual growth through dignified material presence. It’s a call to engage in the pleasures of our human experience while upholding collective responsibility and honor. 

Join Madeleine on a journey that transcends boundaries, transforming you into a catalyst for personal and societal evolution. Immerse yourself in a world where artistic brilliance, healing energy, and spiritual insights intertwine, propelling you towards a life where empowerment, connection, and inspiration fuel every step.

Beyond being an individual artist, Madeleine actively engages in co-creating a better world through the establishment of a vibrant community of artists. Aligned with the esteemed Academic Society of Arts-Sciences-Lettres established in Paris in 1915, she now leads as the official Representative for Switzerland and the GCC. Her mission extends beyond representation; she seeks to bridge cultural divides, nurturing a collective of artists, scientists, writers, and cultural influencers. With a vision of unifying diverse cultural treasures, Madeleine’s role is to harmonize, connect, and empower people and regions, aspiring to weave a vibrant community of shared values and collaborative aspirations worldwide.

Madeleine’s influence expands through exhibits and collaborations, driving global change. Her art communicates a universal language of unity, hope and sustainability. Beyond its visual form, Madeleine’s artistic journey intertwines healing and spirit, transcending conventional boundaries. Drawing from centuries of interconnectedness, she paints with a universal palette that resonates deeply with the soul.

Experience the captivating artistry of Madeleine, transcending mere canvas boundaries. Her creations mirror our global values, inviting immersion into ‘Terrestrial Baroque,’ a contemporary twist interweaving vibrant hues and natural elements. Her art forms a boundless expression, reviving forgotten treasures from Mother Earth, blending lace, dried flowers, gems, and jewelry fragments in sustainable harmony, showcasing her versatile talent.

Each of Madeleine’s creations sparks introspection and dialogue, urging an embrace of change. They embody both self-elevation and societal enrichment. Immerse yourself in Madeleine’s transformative art, enrich your surroundings, and support global sustainability.

“Art is the spiritual force that connects us with our inner selves and the world around us. It transcends boundaries and serves as a conduit for life’s intricate stories. Through creativity, we embark on a transformative journey, perceiving the genuine purpose of our earthly existence and unveiling the shadow of our vanity. Art, a universal language liberated from constraints, embodies our spirituality and unites humanity. It bridges the realms of the material and the spiritual, resonating with our core essence.” Madeleine Imkey


Embarking on a path of self-discovery and transformation is a profound decision, and Madeleine is the guide who will illuminate your journey like no other. Her decades of experience, combined with her mastery of diverse spiritual and healing techniques, make her a beacon of wisdom and positivity. When you book a session with Madeleine, you’re not just engaging with a practitioner – you’re entering a sacred space of trust, compassion, and growth.

Madeleine’s unique approach, combining Psychic, Mediumistic, and Energetic Healing skills with her prowess as a certified OMNI Hypnotherapist, creates a seamless blend of spiritual insight and tangible change. Her sessions are not just about receiving answers; they’re about igniting a profound transformation that resonates in every facet of your life.

With Madeleine, you’re not just a client – you’re a co-pilot on a journey of empowerment. Her messages are infused with empathy, encouragement, and the unwavering belief in your potential. By booking a session with Madeleine, you’re embracing the opportunity to tap into your innate strength, to heal, and to evolve. Every session is a step towards self-mastery and a deeper connection with your purpose.

Choose Madeleine to be your guide, confidante, and catalyst for positive change. With her by your side, you’ll embark on a transformative voyage that leads to clarity, healing, and a profound sense of alignment with your true self. Allow Madeleine to illuminate your path – book your session today and embark on a journey of self-discovery that will resonate for a lifetime.

Immerse yourself in a live, virtual session with Madeleine, spanning up to 45 minutes. Drawing upon an array of mastered techniques, Madeleine delves into the core aspects of your life, providing clarity and precision to your inquiries. Find the answers you seek with Madeleine.

Pursue your transformative journey with Madeleine’s holistic distant assessment and healing, guided by her expertise, designed to elevate your holistic well-being. Through this comprehensive process, Madeleine addresses not only the unblocking of stuck situations, the suppression of negativity, and healing from fears and relationship challenges but also provides targeted relief from pains and other causes of symptoms. This integrated approach ensures a harmonious path to your overall health, happiness, and vitality, supported by comprehensive feedback provided for your continuous well-being.

Dive into a professional online hypnosis session lasting up to 45 minutes, led by a certified OMNI hypnotherapist. Through a range of faculties, Madeleine adeptly guides your subconscious toward ideal solutions, fostering lasting positive transformation.


Madeleine extends her healing services to remote support for burn victims. You can contact her by phone or email to request assistance, and when available, she may provide a healing session free of charge. Please note that her services are complementary and supportive in nature and should not replace the care and treatment provided by medical professionals.

In late 2021, Madeleine embarked on an extraordinary journey to create a community that now boasts several hundred members. Her vision, networking prowess, leadership talents, and unwavering dedication were the driving forces behind the thriving Women’s Key Community.

Step into a vibrant world where your unique skills ignite societal transformation, all while enjoying the journey. Led by Madeleine, the Women’s Key Community empowers women to break free from outdated norms, fostering a space where empowerment, connection, inspiration, and inclusivity intertwine.

In the thriving Zurich economic hub, Madeleine bridges boundaries, uniting expatriates and locals through joyful gatherings that celebrate the diversity of our members. We firmly believe that having fun is an integral part of our journey of empowerment.

Madeleine’s Women’s Key Community thrives on diversity and inclusivity. Women from all walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds come together as torchbearers, driving positive change in local communities and economies.

Throughout the year, Madeleine curates a tapestry of events that blend empowerment, connection, inspiration, and a dose of fun. From inclusive gatherings that embrace all facets of society to specialized occasions that spotlight specific segments of the community, every event echoes the unity that binds this community together.

Join us in this dynamic movement that celebrates your unique essence, all while enjoying a great time. Become part of a community that harmonizes empowerment, connection, and lasting inspiration, all wrapped in the spirit of fun. We can’t wait to welcome you!



Enter the realm of transformation guided by Madeleine ImKey – a luminary and captivating empowerment advocate. Her philosophy revolves around harnessing individual uniqueness to build the bedrock of a sustainable society.

Madeleine’s talks are a rallying cry for empowerment, fostering connections, and igniting inspiration. She kickstarts her audience’s journey by revealing they already possess the key ingredients for personal success and well-being. Through her life’s tapestry of challenges overcome, Madeleine underscores the invaluable lessons woven into history’s repetitions. Every struggle, even when it feels like a setback, becomes a stepping stone to self-improvement.

Crafting her messages with artistic finesse, Madeleine delves into universal hurdles we all face. She starts with acknowledging the transient nature of our inherent vanity. Seamlessly blending her prowess as a certified hypnotherapist with intuitive creativity, Madeleine’s approach guides her audience towards positive thinking, hope, empathy, and fulfillment, fueling their personal and professional journey. Harnessing cutting-edge neuroscientific insights, her method becomes a beacon of motivation, cultivating creativity, empowering individuals, fostering effective communication, and kindling synergies.

Madeleine’s charisma shines, illuminating profound topics with a vibrant touch. Her preferred platform is in-person lectures, ranging from quick insights to immersive five-day modules with hands-on elements. Her talks reshape fundamental paradigms, channeling positivity that elevates productivity, self-image, and motivation for both individuals and groups.

In summary, Madeleine’s speeches offer:

  • Empowerment and Self-Responsibility: Embrace your unique skills and take personal responsibility for growth, igniting personal and collective transformation.

  • Connection: Unleash the power of collaboration and synergy by tapping into your essence, nurturing vibrant group dynamics.

  • Inspiration: Each individual becomes an inspiration through accomplishments and shared experiences. Madeleine encourages open communication, amplifying collaboration and unity.

  • Creativity and Intuition: Rediscover these transformative forces for personal and collective evolution. Madeleine imparts accessible artistic techniques to unleash these powers anew.

Join Madeleine ImKey on a journey where empowerment, connection, and inspiration lead the way. Unlock your potential, embrace your uniqueness, and reshape the narrative of your life.


• Recognizing and Embracing Individual Uniqueness

• Unveiling Your Unique Talents and Skills

• Rediscovering the Transformative Forces Within You

• Building Inner Strength and Resilience

• Self-Responsibility as a Catalyst for Personal Growth

• Embracing Self-Responsibility for Personal and Collective Empowerment

• Insights into Harnessing Creativity and Intuition

• Overcoming Fear and Nurturing a Vibrant Group Dynamic

• Empowering Through Open Communication and Unity

• Becoming an Inspiration through Accomplishments

• The Role of Positive Communication in Amplifying Collaboration

• Unleashing Creativity: Accessible Artistic Techniques


• Navigating Intuition for Personal and Collective Evolution

• Nurturing Emotional Well-Being

• Mindfulness and Stress Management Techniques

• Understanding the Bedrock of a Sustainable Society

• Igniting Personal and Collective Transformation through Self-Responsibility

• Cultivating Vibrant Group Dynamics for Collective Empowerment

Tailor-Made Workshop Modules for Empowerment and Growth

Madeleine’s workshop modules offer progressively deeper insights and practical tools for empowerment, connection, inspiration, and personal growth. The duration of these workshops allows for in-depth exploration of each module’s content, ensuring a comprehensive and transformative experience for attendees.

Customized to Your Needs:

Madeleine’s workshops are highly tailored and can vary in duration, from a couple of hours of engaging discussion to immersive five-day modules. Madeleine understands that different groups have unique requirements, and she adapts her content to suit your specific goals.

Madeleine’s Approach:

The common thread running through these modules is Madeleine’s belief that self-empowerment leads to improved collaboration, better communication, and, incidentally, increased productivity. She is passionate about helping individuals and teams tap into their full potential.


“Join Madeleine on a journey that transcends boundaries, transforming you into a catalyst for personal and societal evolution. Immerse yourself in a world where artistic brilliance, healing energy, and spiritual insights intertwine, propelling you towards a life where empowerment, connection, and inspiration fuel every step.”




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