“Art is the spiritual force that connects us with our inner selves and the world around us. It transcends boundaries and serves as a conduit for life’s intricate stories. Through creativity, we embark on a transformative journey, perceiving the genuine purpose of our earthly existence and unveiling the shadow of our vanity. Art, a universal language liberated from constraints, embodies our spirituality and unites humanity. It bridges the realms of the material and the spiritual, resonating with our core essence.” Madeleine Imkey


Elevate your space with the captivating artistry of Madeleine. Her visionary creations go beyond the canvas, resonating with the core values of our global community. Immerse yourself in the world of Terrestrial Baroque, a style that marries diverse painting and collage techniques, resulting in a contemporary twist on a historic movement.

Madeleine’s artistic journey is an expansive realm of boundless expression. Her versatile talent shines through her paintings, all sharing a common thread – the revival of Mother Earth’s treasures and the rebirth of forgotten artifacts. Witness delicate lace from cherished garments, dried flowers, remnants of nail polish, gemstones, and fragments of once-cherished jewelry converging seamlessly in sustainable harmony.

At heart, Madeleine is an advocate for global causes, and her commitment is reflected in her work. From impactful exhibits dedicated to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals at Art Basel to collaborations with esteemed corporations, governmental bodies, and international NGOs, she is a driving force for change. Her art transcends borders, conveying a universal language of hope, inclusivity, and sustainability.


Madeleine’s creative journey is more than paint and canvas. It’s a sacred bond between art and healing, where hypnotic and intuitive techniques converge to bridge the gap between our earthly existence and spiritual essence. A modern-day conduit of spiritual inspiration, Madeleine draws from centuries of artistic and religious interconnectedness. Unveiling a holistic approach that transcends politics, embracing the unifying principles of major faiths, she paints with a universal palette.

Discover art that sparks reflection and dialogue. Madeleine’s creations invite you to contemplate our purpose, imperfections, and our endless potential for positive change. By welcoming her art into your life, you embrace a timeless message – the call to elevate ourselves, enrich society, and unlock boundless potential. Elevate your space with Madeleine’s captivating artistry and become a custodian of a timeless message. Each creation resonates with profound meaning and carries the essence of Terrestrial Baroque. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of art while supporting global sustainability initiatives.

A Beacon Uniting Cultures: Madeleine’s Mission in Bridging Cultural Legacies

Awarded by the Academic Society in 2023, Madeleine now officially represents the esteemed Academy established in 1915. Her perspective on Arts resonates with the Academy’s values, recognizing it as a universal language that transcends boundaries, capable of unifying and connecting diverse cultures. Madeleine perceives Art as a spiritual force that transcends limitations to resonate with our fundamental essence.

The Academic Society of Arts-Sciences-Lettres serves as a beacon, acknowledging contributions across arts, sciences, literature, and cultural expressions that enrich humanity. As the sole delegate for the GCC and Switzerland, Madeleine plays a pivotal role within this institution that extends beyond mere representation. Her mission encompasses identifying, supporting, and uplifting artists, scientists, writers, and other cultural influencers, providing them with a global platform for recognition and nurturing a community among creative minds.

Going beyond recognition, Madeleine aims to bridge diverse cultural treasures. Her vision involves fostering a dialogue that not only honors the unique cultural expressions of various regions but integrates them into a global landscape. Her ultimate goal is to co-create a better world by uniting like-minded creative talents, merging diverse artistic or scientific legacies into a harmonious, collaborative narrative. This collective cooperation cultivates a vibrant community of artists, scientists, writers, and cultural influencers, celebrating cultural diversity while transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. 



“Join Madeleine on a journey that transcends boundaries, transforming you into a catalyst for personal and societal evolution. Immerse yourself in a world where artistic brilliance, healing energy, and spiritual insights intertwine, propelling you towards a life where empowerment, connection, and inspiration fuel every step.”






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